A Message from Father Beatus Sewando

As Director of the Amani Centre, I would like to say thank you to all our supporters, whether you are a local or international donor. Even the smallest gift is helping us to continue supporting this community of disabled children and their families. But the need for our services continues to grow, so please remember us. Our work here is never finished. Thank you.

The Amani Centre empowers & educates mentally & physically challenged youth in Morogoro, Tanzania.

The Director of the Centre is Father Beatus Sewando. Whilst the Centre is run by the Roman Catholic Church, the Centre is open to all, no matter what their religion or faith is. read more

The Amani Centre is a non-profit organization that educates and empowers mentally and physically challenged children and youth. The Amani Centre gives tribute to Mama Josephine Bhakita who, after giving birth to a disabled son, was forced to leave her home, and treated as an outcast. Ms. Bakhita was determined to fight for her and her son’s social justice. Bringing together fellow parents whose children also had physical and/or mental challenges, Ms. Bakhita began to establish what the Amani Centre is now today.

Although Amani started out as just a small group of mothers meeting under a tree, the Amani Centre has grown phenomenally. It is now located in four different villages around Tanzania which are:

Agriculture Project

Amani Centre farming activities

Amani Center Special School

Deaf students at the Special School at Mvomero using sign language during the class session

Amani Center Volumteers

Volumteers at Amani Centre drumming during the ceremony