Having a strategy for water is so important. Rainwater capture, water storage, water conservation. are all critical elements of a strategy to ensure sufficient water for personal use. Boreholes, pumps and sprinkler systems are all critical elements in irrigation of the crops…

So overall, there are different types of water project, ranging from the borehole to the more straightforward, guttering and tanks.

Water Project

“Water is life”. At Chamwino and at Mvomero we have only been receiving Government water in the last few years. This has made such a difference to our lives. Unfortunately, it is not always available, and so we have to take care to have storage facilities to enable us to have a continuous supply for drinking and cooking. At Chamwino we have a combination of storage tanks, underground storage as well as rainwater capture systems.

At Mikese and Magubike the problems are different, because they do not have access to government water at all. For them water capture projects are imperative.

At Mikese there are various storage tanks which capture water from the rooves. This can be used for drinking and cooking. There is also a large ‘lake’ which fills when it rains, and then slowly evaporates over the dry season. This is good for the animals and for watering crops. We have now received funds for two boreholes, one accessing clean drinking water, and the other accessing water for crops.

At Magubike there is Government water available, but here there is ls no opportunity for capturing rainwater as there are, as yet, no buildings and rooves to use! The solution at the moment at Magubike is to pay for water, which of course is expensive. So black storage tanks are used for storage.