Magubike is the most recent centre. It lies some 60 miles from The Amani Centre in Morogoro. Amani had conducted an outreach program there, and discovered that there were just so many children with disabilities. They have over 170 children with varying disabilities and find it difficult to get to Morogoro for treatment. Families were struggling. Village elders asked Amani to start a centre locally.

They lobbied local Government officials to provide land and basic utilities (electricity and mains water). The Government approved the plan, and whilst no money was forthcoming, in 2019, they provided land on which to build and to grow crops, with the condition that a Centre would be developed. This project is ongoing. The demands for Amani's services are ever increasing. The more Amani does to raise awareness of disability and offer support in the Morogoro Region, the more its services are needed.