Amani Centre Services


The Amani Centre employs a fully trained physiotherapist, who supervises the rehabilitation programmes for the children that live at the centre, or who visit from the community. We have a full range of equipment to help with rehabilitation.

The physiotherapy department is also responsible for the program of medical operations, which take place each year. After a detailed assessment, children have the opportunity, subject to funding being available, to have corrective surgery in Dar es Salaam or at a special facility in Mlali. This program has been supported by a number of UK sponsors.


We are aware of the needs of children and families in more remote villages outside Morogoro town. They lack both knowledge and resources, and their experience of disability can be very hard and isolating. The Amani Centre tries to reach out to these families through the outreach programme which involves sending the team of Amani staff to talk to and educate families about programmes of exercise, free medication, free hearing tests which can lead to referrals to the Amani Special School or, in some cases, to the residential centre in town.


Children come to the Amani Centre through various means. Often children may be left here to be cared for because the parents just cannot cope. Other children are orphans. The outreach program might find a child who would benefit from a short stay at Amani. Some parents bring their children and then stay and help at the Centre, by way of recuperation.


The hostel offers comfortable ensuite accommodation for volunteers, visiting parents, visiting donors, and visiting dignitaries. This is offered at a very reasonable cost.


The Amani Café is a service offered to the community at the Centre as well as to the wider local community. The chefs at the café are great cooks and offer very tasty food from early in the morning to late in the evening.

Amani Special School

The special school at Mvomero has been developed specifically to support deaf students. Education for a deaf child has always been difficult because they get lost in the large classes which exist in the government schools. Failure is common. So, Amani, being aware of so many deaf children in the Morogoro region and recognising this need Mvomero had been running a nursery programme for many years, and with space available for classrooms, it was an easy decision to develop the primary